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 Beth Bennet is a glamorous model from New Zealand who has a curvy figure and blonde hair. She was born and raised in Dunedin, New Zealand. Beth is experienced in being a live babeshow girl and TV presenter. She possesses all the desirable qualities of a nude model and UK phone sex queen - she is witty, beautiful, and intelligent. Despite being petite, she has an hourglass figure, a captivating smile, and ample breasts. Beth embodies all the qualities that one desires in a woman, and she takes pride in offering a professional XXX service for credit card phonesex and cam performances. Additionally, she has achieved great success on OnlyFans, being among the top 1% of earners after being active for 3 years. It's delightful to see a Babestation babe thriving in her career.

Beth Bennett in green lingerie sitting on shelves

Before becoming the queen of babe channels, Beth obtained a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Otago in New Zealand. In 2012, she embarked on a journey to London, covering a distance of almost 12,000 miles. It was during this time that Beth realized she had greater opportunities ahead. After coming across Babestation on television, she made the decision to apply for a position on the babe channels. Conducting thorough research and exploring various live babeshows such as Babestation, Studio 66, Playboy TV, and Redlight Central, Beth submitted her application and was swiftly hired as a presenter and babe.

Reflecting on her initial experience on Babestation, Beth confesses that she did not feel as anxious as one might anticipate. Being inherently exhibitionistic, Beth expressed that being partially or completely unclothed on camera was effortless for her. In fact, she divulges that the opportunity to showcase her undressed self to everyone felt remarkably freeing, marking the start of a lengthy journey of appearing nude on screen. She also made her naem on the babestation daytime show, wowing the non-adult audiences just as much as the night time lovers.

Beth Bennett at Comic Con

Beth Bennett, along with two of her closest friends and fellow babeshow models, attended the London Comic Convention, also known as Comic Con, at London Excel. Beth Bennett was dressed as Marvel's Agent Carter, while her friends Yasmin Nicole and Kourt Thora chose to dress as Velma from Scooby Doo and Negan from The Walking Dead, respectively.

Beth Bennett at Comic Con with Kourt Thora and Yasmin Nicole

The reason why the girls went to the event was to have conversations with the attendees and get acquainted with some of the most well-dressed cosplayers in the UK. Additionally, they aimed to promote Babestation at this esteemed gathering. Beth and her friends were accompanied by two cameramen from Babestation who documented their activities throughout the convention, which appeared to be very crowded.

Beth, Kourt, and Yasmin quickly made acquaintances as Beth took the initiative to approach a cosplayer impersonating the original Wolverine. The cosplayer was fully adorned in black and yellow attire with impressive claws, even executing Wolverine's iconic pose. Velma followed suit and approached a man dressed as a knight, inquiring about his character. He responded by stating he was a "general crusader," indicating that this might be his costume for weekend L.A.R.P.I.N.G. Notably, he was wearing an entire suit of chain-mail armor, showcasing his dedication with a solid 10 for effort.

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