What is Red Light Central?

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Red Light Central a.k.a Red Light TV was a live babeshow that was shown on SKY Channels 902, 910, 932 and 933 and broadcast live from Red Light Central house Bristol.

Playboy TV was also shown on Red Light Central, and at the time it was one of the top four babe networks to air in the Adult sector of the EPG, along with Studio 66/S66, Xpanded, and of course Babestation. The high level of realism that Red Light Central added to their sets was one of its most unique characteristics. To create realistic settings for the phone sex models to work in, utilising significant production values. A full-size bar with drinks bottles behind the counter, fully lit and with enough space for three or four girls to sit comfortably was one of the features of the most popular area, the bar set. 

Then there was another area of the studio, this time with an aircraft set complete with full cross-sections of a passenger plane and genuine airplane seats for the babes to play as cabin crew or perhaps even horny passengers on their fantasy sex flight. Maybe it was Red Light Central's distinct attention to its visual aesthetic compared with some of the other babe shows that made this channel so unique, giving it such a distinctive place among its contemporaries.

Phil Barry from Bristol, a porn and mainstream video producer, founded Red Light Central with the help of his Pumpkin Studios firm. As a result of Lollypop gate forcing Bang Babes to shut, Barry opted to start his own babeshow Red Light Central.

Red Light Central had the best sets of any of the live babeshows, being based in Bristol's vast Pumpkin Studios. Red Light had the luxury of aspace that London-based shows like Babestation Studio66 TV and Xpanded could only dream about.

Red Light Central Babe of The Year

Voted by the fans on the babeshow forum these are the Queens of Red Light Central

2011 Queen Dannii Harwood

2012 Queen Jennifer Jade

2013 Queen Yasmine James

2014 Queen Electra

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Red Light Central Babes

Red Light Central has the top spot for some in the babe channels rankings because of its consistency and ability to claim some of the most popular names in live, cheap phone sex, live sex cams, and the British porn industry from the early days of their careers.

Dannii Harwood

Dannii Harwood is a babeshow legend and Onlyfans millionaire, but all those achievements were a long way away when she first appeared on Red Light Central. In the early days, she had a unique partnership with fellow big tit beauty Zara Lee where they would perform together in domination theme shows, acting as a submissive or dominatrix or occasionally both. Then the two of them would drive their callers crazy with their BDSM themed sections together. Often involving whips, leather and latex outfits.

Ruby Summers

Ruby's completely naked, completely open leg webshows are guaranteed to delight. If you enjoyed what you saw back in the day on Red Light Central XXX, then you should check out what she has in store for you if you join the Babestation VIP members area.

Jenna Hoskins

Jenna Hoskins used to get up to all kinds of filthy fun with her friend Lucy Summers, another filthy blonde and Red Light Central favourite, when she used to appear on screen together. After that, they went to Babestation and several of their favourite old BSX girl-on-girl pussy play shows are among the classics.

Sarah Daniels

Sarah Daniels, a veteran of the babeshows, is still getting pulses racing on Babestation's pervcam and has appeared across the spectrum of adult babe channels. You can keep track of Sarah's next appearance on the Babestation Schedule to see when she'll be appearing.

Delia Rose

Delia Rose is a veteran babeshow and webcam performer who first appeared on the Red Light Central TV superstream, and now she can be seen occasionally teaming up with Bella Mendez for some of the greatest lesbian action on the BSCams!

Priya Young

Priya Young is a sexy, curvy & exotic glamour who first began her career at Babestation back in 2010, along with her hot twin sister, Preeti. Priya’s stunning good looks, big boobs and cheeky banter keep fans on their toes and they love calling her up for dirty phone sex or a naked lesbian webcam session. 

Charley Green

Charley Green is a 36H busty blonde with a gorgeous round ass. She's been modelforing for seven years and has been on the babe networks for five. Charley has worked for publications and websites all over the globe, and is now an internationally published model.

Lyndia Leigh

Lynda Leigh, a MILF with toned muscles, who first appeared on Television X over 15 years ago. She's been in over 100 public and X-Rated movies since then. She enjoys messing with and enticing guys of all ages, however she confesses the majority of her callers are young guys looking for a kinky MILF! Lynda Leigh is an expert when it comes to blow jobs and with a lovely trimmed pussy.

Kandi Kay

The cheery Liverpool girl Kandi Kay has a warm girl-next-door smile. However, when she pulls her enormous natural breasts out you're in for a wild and unforgettable experience, so don't be deceived by that sweet and innocent look her phone sex will make you cum in les than 60 seconds.

Sophia Smudge

Sophia Smudge has stunning good looks and sexy athletic body, you can see why she’s become so popular. Sophia loves to show off her big tits and twerk her sexy ass for her fans when she’s performing on Babestation UK and nothing turns her on more than talking dirty!

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