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UK BabeChannels: Sky TV A History

UK Babeshows are in some ways a uniquely British proposition popular now for more than 20 years they are not quite porn following in a British tradition of Carry On and Benny Hill. with the exception of Germany the babe channel format has not taken off in other countries. Amateur TV production values which would give most television producers a heart attack. Black Mirror's Charlie Booker described the babe channels thus in 2005

"In case you don't, here's what I'm talking about: Babestation is a bit of night-time "adult fun" (ie pornography) consisting of several inset windows. One houses live footage of thick girls in various states of undress. Below that lies another window full of texts from even thicker viewers, begging them to blow kisses and jiggle about a bit. Sending the texts cost a fortune, and that's why Babestation is there. It's a coin-operated wanking machine, in other words, and it's just as glamorous as that sounds."

Babestation TV premiered on December 4th, 2002, as the first interactive babeshow of its kind. Babestation began with a fuzzy live broadcast of three ladies seated next to each other on a sofa, with a text box visible on the television screen. The models didn't seem to be wearing tops or underwear at first. Taylor McKenzie became the first babe show model to appear topless on a live babe show by flashing her tits one night, which sparked a new TV programming concept.

Originally the Babechannels started in the general entertainment section of sky but by 2006 a Sky EPG revamped moved them to the newly created Adult section they were nearly 40 adult channels on SKY TV and over 9 babechannels

SKY EPG 2006


906 Game Network - Babestation

908 FriendlyTV - Babecast

909 L!VE TV - Babeworld

910 Get Lucky TV - Babestation

911 Lucky Star - Babestation

913 You TV2 - Babestation 2

914 You TV2 Extra

915 Turn On TV - Bang Babes

943 Live XXX TV

By 2009, the internet had evolved significantly, allowing for a wide range of sexual entertainment to be accessed both live and pre-recorded. Yet, as the Sky EPG demonstrates, phone sex and the babeshows held their own. Several of the babechannels had become more specialized with their themes at this time, even though there were only 22 channels by now.

SKY EPG 2006


906- Babestation

907- Friendly tv (Babecast)

908- Babeworld TV

909- Get lucky tv (Babestation 2)

910- Lucky star SexStation

912- Tease me (Bang Babes)

914- Over18tv (Hotel voyeur)

936- Sportxxxgirls

937- Sportxxxwives

948- tease me 2 (Bang Babes 2)

949- House of fun (Babeworld xxxtra)

950- Livexxxbabes

951- Blue Kiss tv

952- The other side (Babeworld MILF)

954- Northern Birds (sportxxxbabes)

955- Essex Babes (40+ readers wives)

956- LA Babes

957- LiveXXx - Sexstation

959- Tease me 3 (Bang Babes 3)

960- Chat Back

961- Just4us ( Babeworld live)

963- HBW TV (Working Girls Live)

Today in 2023 they are only 3 babechannels left on Sky Tv Xpanded Tv and 2 babestation channels

Babe Channels: Studio 66, Rampant TV, Xpanded

Studio 66

For many top babeshow performers it has been a revolving door of babe channels with babes appearing on Babestation and then going over to Studio66. Many babes started on shows like Red Light TV and then joined one of the bigger babeshows. Studio66 Cams was known as the home of babes such as Alice Goodwin and Ashley Emma who then left to join Babestation, while Lori Buckby and Caty Cole started on Babestation then went on to be stars of S66 TV. 

Rampant TV

As the Babeshows grew in popularity on Sky Digital and Freeview platforms a number of fan websites grew up around them. In 2011, Rampant started to broadcast Babestation and Sexstation web streams, and in time would reach an agreement with Studio66 TV to include their shows. The site had webstreams of the babeshows and popular forums and facts about the babe channels. In time Rampant would go on to produce their own shows such as Hot and Wet and Latinas out of Columbia.


Xpanded is the home of 24/7 live private sex cam shows and cheap phone sex. Bringing you a wide range of hot babeshow babes and webcam models. What makes Xpanded different is there are no registration requirements, no credit card registration and a wide range of sexy hostesses ready to talk filth and get naked with you. Over the years, some of the most popular Xpanded babes have included top British pornstar Michelle Moist who has also appeared on Sexstation and BSX, as well as Studio 66 and the Babestation night shows.

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The BabeChannel Babes

A small selection of all the great uk babe channel babes that have graced our television screens

Preeti and Priya Young aka the twins - Preeti and Priya Young have been on our television screens for ten years. They have been featured in mainstream TV documentaries like Hello Stranger and the Channel 5 series My Mum Is Hotter Than Me, as well as appearances on Babestation and other babechannel TV programs.

Ashley Emma - Ashley Emma is our stunning curvy blonde with boundless energy and a seductive phone manner. Having appeared in the top lads mags over the years, Ashley knows a thing or two about posing and comes alive when she’s on front of the camera. Ashley has perhaps the best big ass on the babeshows. Babeshows Debut: August 2014.

Amanda Rendell  - Scottish Pornstar still appears on babestation webcam one of the babe channel legends together with sister Caty Cole.

Michelle Moist _ The Queen of not one but two babechannels Sexstationa and Xpanded. Michelle has recently returned to Babestation. Her amazing legs looking fabulous in stockings.

Lori Buckby - an English rose started in the noughties on babestation daytime and still going strong. Lori is famous for her orgasm hand thong shows.

Lilly Roma - livebabeshow veteran worked for all the major and some of the smaller channels and still appearing on Babestationcams as an active MILF.


Babeshow History

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