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Lori Buckby has been a familiar presence on Babestation and other babe channels for nearly fifteen years, and it seems that she has no intention of reducing her pace anytime soon. Her lively performances and innate talent for building connections with people have earned her a devoted following of fans. Beginning with her early appearances on Babestation Daytime and Party People, Lori now continues to entertain viewers as part of the Babestation Nightshow and also through online platforms such as Babecall adult cams.

Lori Buckby naked, with one hand cupping her breast

Lori Buckby, a former blonde glamour model and live babeshow performer, began her career in the world of glamour modelling in 2009 on shows like Lads Lounge and Party People. During this time, her friend Paige Tyler, who is also known for her work in phone sex porn, entered the industry as well. At that time, Lori had blonde hair, a petite figure, and smaller breasts compared to her current appearance. Despite this, she quickly became popular with viewers due to her shy girl-next-door persona and attracted callers from all over the country. Though fans eagerly requested for Lori to reveal more of her body, she chose to keep it covered for several more years. However, in 2011 on the Babestation night show, Lori surprised everyone by appearing topless for the first time and introducing some toys into her performance. Shortly after this event, Paige Tyler followed suit and also got naked during a special themed night show.


Lori Buckby topless in thong and stockings

The Rise of Lori Buckby

In 2016, Lori Buckby has risen to fame as one of the most popular models on the babeshows. She is now known as the attractive boho chick of the babe channels. Instead of her previous blonde hair, she now flaunts long brunette wavy locks. With pouty lips and enhanced large breasts, Lori has gained a devoted following of fans who can't seem to get enough of her. Despite these changes, she still maintains a natural and effortlessly beautiful appearance. In the Babestation studio, Lori has made a name for herself as the most outspoken babe. When participating in phonesex sessions on BSX and BSTV, her pleasurable moans echo throughout the studio. Moreover, she enjoys stripping naked and adopting a POV style while standing over the camera, with her fingers barely covering her genitalia.

Lori Buckby naked, with pink thong round her ankles and blue boots on her feet.

How to get involved with Lori On Cams

Lori offers explicit adult content through her Pervcam and webcam shows. If you are interested in specific roleplay fantasies or exploring fetishes, Lori is the perfect choice for you. She is skilled in various forms of dirty chat, including JOI phone sex, feet worship, dildo blowjob, and mutual masturbating on C2C. With Lori, all your fantasies can come true as she enjoys fulfilling naughty requests. You can access her private sessions on Babestation Cam/Pervcam Gold Show to witness explicit actions such as spreading her legs, exposing her naked pussy, and showcasing oiled-up tits. Additionally, make sure to visit her onlyfans page and the Babestation VIP member area for explicit pictures and videos.

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