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Preeti Young

Preeti is a stunning, curvy glamour model & mainstream TV star who loves to get naughty on Babestation & Babestation Cams. She often shares the screen with her twin sister, Priya, and the pair have a huge fan following who can’t get enough of their identical boobs and asses. For a girl who loves to talk filth, look no further than Preeti Young!

Babeshows Debut: August 2010

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I heard from a female friend that a yoga class was a good place to get fit and meet hot women in the process so I took the plunge and went along to a session. Immediately I spotted a sexy model-type in the corner wearing tight leggings that hugged her ass and a sports bra that tightly contained her tits, that I could see were quite large. I set up my mat next to hers & nervously introduced myself. She shot me a winning smile and told me her name was Preeti. After class she asked me how I found it and asked if I’d like to grab coffee. However, instead of going to a coffee shop, Preeti takes me back to her place which was a 2 minute walk away. After chatting for a bit she told me that yoga always made her horny and that she saw how I was looking at her in the class. I felt caught off guard but I admitted it and told her I hadn’t been able to take my eyes off her. She seemed to find my nervous energy a turn on as she took me by the hand and lead me to the bedroom. Pushing me onto the bed, Preeti began to strip slowly, revealing her big tits that were still sweaty from yoga and a peachy ass that looked firm and juicy. Peeling her knickers down, I notice them ping off her already damp pussy and I feel my cock get instantly hard. Seeing the noticeable bulge in my trousers, Preeti smirks and demands I strip naked so that she can suck my cock. I love a forceful woman! Preeti was like a dominatrix from a porn film, and I couldn’t get enough!

I watched as Preeti gave me a deep and sensual blowjob, deepthroating me as she gazed up at me with her sexy brown eyes. “You need to hurry up and fuck”, she says. I’m taken aback. “I have to go to a modelling shoot soon”, she says, with her mouth full. “I want my cunt filled before I go” she explains. Pre-cum is now dripping from my hard dick. I bend Preeti over her dressing table and rub the tip of my cock over her asshole and down over her perfect pussy lips. She orders me to fuck her tight pussy and I slowly slide into her pussy that is very tight, wet and warm. Reaching round, I start rubbing her clit as I fuck her doggy style. This is the best sexy of my life. Her pussy is so tight and her moans are turning me on so much, I end up blowing my load deep inside her pussy. I’ll certainly be doing yoga again!

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