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Amanda Rendall

Scottish pocket rocket Amanda Rendall is one of our most X-rated and hardcore performers, totally different from her sister, Caty Cole. Amanda’s moto is ‘the filthier, the better’ and age proves that by her energetic and pornographic performances. Amanda loves to talk dirty whilst she strips naked for her viewers and nothing turns her on more than flashing her big natural tits and shaved pussy for all her loyal callers!

Amanda Rendall The Scottish Pornstar!

Popping into the Babestation studio for work experience, my head started spinning at all the fit models walking around. It was my 3rd year of university and I was doing a degree in film production and asked Babestation if I could practice my skills, free of charge of course. I assumed I would be filming the models talking to camera but when Amanda Rendall came up to me in a sexual way and demanded I shoot her solo masturbation scene. My heart started racing. At 22 I wa hardly a virgin but I’d never seen a hot glamour model and porn star wank in front of me. She leads me into a small studio and slips out of her clothes. She’s standing there completely naked! “Don’t mind me”, she says calmly, as she starts rifling through her suitcase. She pulls out a leather whip, thigh high boots, stockings, suspenders, latex, a large dildo, 2 butt plugs and anal beads. I didn’t know where to look. I’d never seen such a huge variety of sex toys before! Amanda slips on a lace camisole and lays on the bed. “Well get your camera out then”, she says impatiently. I fire up the camera and start shooting. Amanda goes in immediately, no warm up, just pulling her panties to the side and showing of her pussy and tight asshole. She pushes her tits together aggressively and spits on them. I feel my cock thud inside my trousers. She begins fingering her pussy and ass while shouting at the camera that she loves being finger fucked. “Cum here cameraman”, she says. I sheepishly walk forward. She puts her wet fingers in my mouth, making me suck her cunt juice off her fingers. She tastes amazing. She then picks up the large rubber cock and starts sucking it and gagging on it. Spit runs down the shaft as she gives it a vigorous and intense blowjob. She then bends over, gripping her feet and ankles and asks the camera who wants to fuck her dirty pussy. “Cum and pound my cunt”, she roars. It then dawns on me that she’s talking to me!!!! I feel like a subordinate to a skilled dominatrix and I’m so aroused. I pull out my cock and slide it deep into Amanda wet hole. She pushes back on me hard, my balls slap against her. “Now cum on my face”, she orders. I pull out and squirt my hot load all over her sexy face!

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