In The Booth - Episode Seven - This Or That

4 months ago

In this episode of In The Booth, our sexy models discuss their personal preferences on a variety of topics. Each one discusses whether they prefer clubs over house parties, heels over flats, and summer over winter. Brunette babe, Amber Paige is one of the models revealing her preferences, admitting that she dislikes house parties, prefers heels, and loves summer. They also prefer being submissive in the bedroom, swallowing during a blowjob, and spirits over wine. Just us as we delve into the preferences of Lacey Mae, Poppy May, Annie Mae, Maddison Lee and Alyssa Jay! If you're interested in the girls opinion on whether Size Matters, check out Episode Two of In The Booth!

Featured Babes: Annie Mae,Poppy May,Maddison Lee,Lacey Mae,Amber Paige,Megan Rox,Alyssa Jay

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