In The Booth - Episode two - Does Size Matter

7 months ago

What is the meaning of life? The second biggest question in human history, pales in comparison to the biggest question, the one that has dictated scientific research for all of time, the one with so much cultural relevance that answering it will cause chaos; Does Size Matter? Well step into the booth with our babes cause we're about to answer that question for all you eager lads! So, does it matter? Well the answer will be about as satisfying as celibacy. We don't have a definitive answer. To be more accurate it's about fifty-fifty with Layla Rose, Megan Rox, Jamie Knight and Ivy Black all saying 'yes!', with very little hesitation these girls reinforce the idea that dick size is an important metric that babes look for when finding a mate. Admittedly the bigger importance is based on performance. It's not what you have but what you do with it, but you can't hammer a nail with a balloon, and you can't satisfy these girls with a dick that she can't even gag on. On the other hand, Annie Mae, Mikaela Witt, April Jones, Amber Phoenix and Millie Turner all accept that it's all about performance. What good is an umbrella that doesn't keep you dry? And what good is a lad with a big dick that can't get her wet? The dick is only a small part of sex, with foreplay and non-penetrative stimulation playing crucial roles in a satisfactory sex life. A larger penis can also lead to further issues, with every girl admitting that 'TOO BIG' does exist, with Amber Phoenix going further, claiming that anal is more pleasurable with a small penis. So if you can't fill her pussy, fill her ass instead.

Featured Babes: Annie Mae,Mikaela Witt,Layla Rose,Jamie Knight,April Jones,Amber Phoenix,Megan Rox,Ivy Black,Millie Turner

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