Alexandra - Just Can't Keep Still

11 months ago

Babestation Alexandra is one of the very few Babes with a law degree. Meaning she's not just a pretty face. She also has massive tits and a great ass! This exotic babe has spent most of her time at Babestation on daytime tv, where she'd have blokes queuing up on the line for a filthy phonesex chat with this brunette bombshell. Making the move over the Babestation after spending some time at Studio66, this girl has fans all over, it may be because she is a gorgeous babes that stands at 5'1, but I believe it's her chat. An underrated aspect to pervcam is personality, all the best babes have the personality as well as the body and ferocious horniness. And that's a combination that Alexandra has down to a tee. Find out when she's next live on the Schedule, or get a better angle of her ass in the VIP Members Area.

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