Danni Levy gives you the tip!

4 months ago

Look, we've all been there. You're with a hot MILF babe, big tits, big ass. Ya'll getting frisky when she tries to pop a finger up ya bum. Just the tip but it's definitely a wake up call, and you're thirty seconds away from an anal pegging. Well, fortunately, that's not the type of tip Danni Levy's giving you today! No sir. No confusing feelings or sore assholes. Today the only tip you're getting is Danni's tips on how to survive a festival! From making your tent as garish as possibly so you can find your way home, to avoiding a mud slide by pitching a tent high up on a hill, these tips are must haves as we approach festival season! You don't wanna pull a leng blonde bird, belting out some tunes and grinding up against her curvy body, high on the experience and absolutely nothing else, just to wander around with her for three hours as your sense of direction embarrasses you. If you wanna fuck, then listen to Danni. Unless you're into dogging then do it wherever. I don't care. Good Luck!

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