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Aemelia Fox

Inked model Aemelia Fox is a curvy and captivating X-rated star who loves getting frisky on the phone with her callers and getting into all kinds of positions on screen. . When she’s not on Babestation or Babestation Cams, Aemelia likes to go out with her friends or work on her epic bum in the gym. You you’re looking for a witty & flirty babe with lots of banter, give Aemelia Fox a call! 

Fan fiction

Wandering around the tattoo convention, I spot a sexy group of inked girls acting giggly and having a good time. Intrigued by them, I edge nearer to get a closer look and to my surprise, one of the babes is porn star and Babestation present, Aemelia Fox. I’m star struck and decide to ask for a selfie with the glamour star - she shoots me a winning smile and happily obliges, kissing me on the cheek and sticking her tongue out for the photo. She tells me to send her the pictures later as she hands over her card and walks off with her fit mates. After returning home I nervously text Aemelia the pictures along with what I hope is a quippy message anxiously await a reply. Three long minutes pass by and a text pops up from Aemelia saying: “loved meeting you earlier, sorry if I was a little drunk. I get flirty when I’m drunk,” followed by a topless picture. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I send her back a very appreciative response and she floods my inbox with raunchier pictures - naked, nude, topless, leg spread, the lot! She’s telling me how horny she is and how she wishes I was there to fuck her. My cock is rock solid and I’m wanking furiously while staring excitedly at Aemelia’s nudes. She’s talking me off over text, ordering me to stroke my dick & imagine what it would be like to have sex with her. The next text that comes through contains a video of Aemelia performing a strip tease and peeling her panties down to her ankles. She then bends over and spreads her ass and pussy, sliding her fingers into her tight wet hole. My cock is throbbing. I’m masturbating vigorously, on the brink of orgasm when the next text comes through - a clip of Aemelia squirting. I shoot my hot load all over the floor. I tell Aemelia how she made me explode and I receive a simple reply with a winking emoji. 

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