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Gold Shows

Introduction To A Gold Show

When you join your chosen babe on Babestationcams or pervcam make sure you stock up on credits because when she decides to put on a Gold Show, that's when things get really interesting!

A Gold Show gets you beyond the free stream and behind the curtain, into the truly naughty, open leg, XXX rated performances that you really want to see.  When a Gold Show is announced it will be active once they have reached a specific number of credits.  You can gain access to it by sending your babe credits towards that will go towards reaching that target number and activating the Gold Show.  You can spend as much or as little as you wish to go towards that total.  But remember, the more you spend the faster the target will be reached and the sooner you can see your babe get naked and show off what she's got!

Once you have sent credits in towards her Gold Show you will receive a golden ticket which will grant you access to the show along with any-one else who has paid to see it.  That means no free-stream free-loaders getting a free show off the back of your hard-earned credits.

What If The Gold Show Target Isn’t Reached

Don't worry! If the target number of credits isn't reached, you won't lose anything.

The Gold Shows will only take place if the credit target is reached.  If the target is not reached then the performer will not get paid and the credits that are already in the pot will stay with you and you can use them again to try and reach someone else's Gold Show or you can save them for the next time a Gold Show comes up that you want to take part in.

Don't forget if you want a guarantee of seeing a Gold Show or if you want to see it faster then you can add more credits and only you and the other people who have paid will get to see the show.  If you want to see your chosen babe and have her all to yourself, simply pay the credits in full and she will be all yours!

It's not just credit tips that will go towards reaching the Gold Show goals, you can also send the babes vibratoy buzzes and they will also contribute towards the completion of a Gold Show target.