Babestation Daytime Videos

This page will feature fun video content that we record in-studio with the girls from Babestation Daytime! Our latest upload is at the top. If you scroll down you will be able to see all the other videos we have uploaded.

Latest Video

Babestation Does Comic Relief!

Video Description

We had a bit of fun for Comic Relief this year and got the girls together for a music video, enjoy!

Other Videos

Scroll through our history of in-studio content from Babestation Daytime. Click full-screen to make the videos bigger!

Babestation April Fools

The very funny result of attaching a fake bug to one of the phones when we hand it to the girls!

Gamer Review with Hollie Sparrow

At Babestation Daytime, we have our very own hardcore gamer, in the shape of Hollie Sparrow. We asked her to review one of her favourite games out at the moment! Is there anything better than hot gamer geeks?

Pranked! With the Babestation Daytime Girls

We ask the girls to do the Weetabix challenge, but it doesn't end the way they think.

Babestation Daytime Girls Tell Bad Jokes

Does what it says on the tin a bit here, we get the girls to tell bad jokes in the studio.

Babestation Daytime - Question Time

6 simple questions posed to our Babestation Daytime girls.

Outtakes! Cali & Electra get it wrong


Occasionally we'll ask the girls to do some bits to camera for us to advertise something, and it doesn't always go to plan! Here, Cali Garcia and Electra fluff their lines.

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