Delia Rose Can't Handle The Buzzes

12 months ago

Ex Red Light Central and Studio66 babe Delia Rose gets buzzed to oblivion by her adoring fans. It's takes a lot for her to beg and plead for the buzzes to stop, but this time she did, asking for a 'time out' because she couldn't handle how good the vibrations felt on Delia Rose's pussy. But her fans knew what she really wanted and kept going. Dressed in her sexy red fishnets, really showing off her long legs and massive bum, this brunette looked like no other, stunning everyone with her beauty, even after having her pussy annihilated by buzzes. Check out Delia Roses naked Pervcam specials, or get on Babecall for some filthy Phonesex. Delia is a night owl, the only time you can catch her is when everyone else is in bed so get your headphones on, find a quiet spot where your wife won't find you, and spend some quality time with Delia.

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