In The Booth - Episode Six - Professions

7 months ago

In episode six of In The Booth, our sexy British babes enter a discussion about which professions would be the best in bed, and we have the answers for you! But be aware, this isn't a perfect science, our babes are kinky as fuck, loving all manner of fetish play, with whips, deepthroating, spanking and everything, so just because our babes don't say your profession, that doesn't mean your shit in bed, but you might need to up your game if you're in a position where you have Poppy May nude on your lap. In this playful discussion, the general consensus is that they would prefer a more masculine profession, because 'they're good with their hands', which makes me feel great in my job sat at a desk writing this. Some of the professions that are named are; Bricklayer, Doctor and Mechanic, with Maddison Lee naming Prison Guard, she's always liked being cuffed so you can't blame her. Check out the episode to find out what Amber Paige, Megan Rox, Lacey Mae, Annie Mae and Alyssa Jay have to say!

Featured Babes: Annie Mae,Poppy May,Maddison Lee,Lacey Mae,Amber Paige,Megan Rox,Alyssa Jay

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