In The Booth - Episode four - Pyjamas

4 months ago

Episode Four of In The Booth, the sexy Babestation Models chat about their personal preferences regarding going to bed wearing underwear. They share their habits about sleeping in underwear or pyjamas, with the consensus being that they find it more comfortable to sleep without underwear. A few mention that if they're going to bed with someone else, then sexy underwear is a given, but when alone, they each prefer to sleep nude. Now I don't know about you, but my brain immediately went on to image Amber Paige naked body asleep in bed, Hannah Sofia nude under the covers. They also discuss the etiquette of wearing underwear whilst out in public, with most saying they like walking about with nothing on underneath a dress, so Megan Rox cam isn't the only place to catch a filthy upskirt shot. Find out what Mia Middleton, and Azura Ali have to say on the matter in this Episode of In The Booth!

Featured Babes: Mia Middleton,Maddison Lee,Azura Ali,Amber Paige,Megan Rox,Hannah Sofia

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