In The Booth - Episode One - Bad Traits For Men

7 months ago

Step into the booth to find out what our babes think are the worst traits to find in men! We've gathered together some of the sexiest British babechannel babes to advise you where you might be going wrong, and what you should avoid. And the consensus is; the least attractive trait in a man is arrogance! So that dick swinging swagger that you think women will find irresistible, might be stunting your chances of sealing the deal with that big titty Latina babe at the gym, or that one MILF across the road that keeps her hedges trimmed to perfection. Poppy May, Mikaela Witt and Amber Paige all agree on this, and who can blame them? When your ego is bigger than you cock you're in for a rough time in the dating pool. The Eastern European duo of Jamie Knight and Stella Paris also voices their opinions, with them both having a lot of complaints about the trait you think make you quirky and interesting, like showing up late to everything. You're not fashionably late, you're just off putting to women. So whether you're into PAWGs like Annie Mae or Blonde babes like April Jones, listen up to avoid falling into all the traps that will make you very resistible to babes!

Featured Babes: Annie Mae,Mikaela Witt,Layla Rose,Poppy May,Jamie Knight,Amber Paige,April Jones,Anna Lei,Stella Paris

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