Brooksie Brooks Shakes Her Massive Ass

6 months ago

No matter the time of day. No matter what shift she's doing. No matter the energy around her, Brooksie Brooks brings her a game. Probably the filthiest girl we have here. Her cam shows are genuinely like no other. The levels she goes to will leave you in awe. Finger fucking, Dildo fucking and sucking, pussy play, Fingering, Joi and tit wanking are just a handful of things you'll find in a pervshow with this tall, PAWG. Brooksie Brookes Pussy play, while she's all oiled up and wet as fuck, isn't something you can just experience the once, but you'll have to experience it every chance you get. The northern las isn't shy about using oil either, at times using an entire bottle for her shows, anything to make her fans cum. Horny day and night, Brooksie can be found throughout the day, but she prefers nights as that's where she thinks the horniest guys are! So next time she's on a day you can prove that theory wrong ;) With previous experience on babe channels like Playboy tv and Studio66, we were all so excited to have her here with us. And that excitement hasn't died down yet! Introduced in the blog post: 'Brooksie Brooks: Welcome To Babestation!', the tone was well and truly set for who would become one of the most successful girls we have!! If you have any doubt in your mind as to whether you'll enjoy one of her shows, then just check out her stream for a sight of what she can really offer, but I'm just gonna say I told you so now and get it over and done with. Have fun with her boys! No need to be gentle.

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