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Mila Amora

When it comes to naughty minxes who love getting down & dirty, Mila is at the top of the league table. This curvy babe adores speaking to her fans & finding out about your deepest & sexiest fantasies, from cheeky roleplay to lustful lingerie, this glamour girl can become your ultimate fantasy. For a buxom beauty with banter and brains - Mila Amora is the girl for you. Give her a call on Babestation & check out her pics, vids & Pervcam!

Naughty Fantasy 

I’ve always had an ongoing fantasy about being a kept woman - I’m not talking about a 1950s housewife or slutty cliche porn wife but an actual kept woman - owned, controlled and ordered around, perhaps by a sexy lesbian or bisexual woman. I’ve always loved the idea of surrendering my body and mind to my sexy mistress. In my fantasy I’m working as a manager for a big company and it’s my job to liaise with clients. One day a big client comes in, a huge account for the company. However, it’s not her money I’m attracted to! She is mesmerising! 

All of our meetings are totally business focused and there are always at least five other people in the room. However, after working the account for a number of months and get coming in for countless meeting, I get told she’s too busy at the moment to travel to us and I’m asked to visit her at her home in Manchester instead. I cant wait to see her! I pick out what to wear - a pencil skirt, my thick rimmed glasses, low cut shirt and black high heels. On the train I accidentally spill coffee on the front of my shirt which highlights my smile cleavage.When I arrive at her house I’m feeling very nervous, and slightly embarrassed by the coffee stain, but then I see her big smile, intense blue eyes, long blonde hair, and all those nerves melt away. 

She immediately notices the coffee stain and tells me I can borrow one of her blouses. She leads me to her bedroom and picks one out for me. I take the top and wait for her to leave so I can get changed. After a rather awkward silence she still hasn’t moved so I start unbuttoning my top, then removing my bra. I’m now standing there topless, nipples hard. She watches me intently. I find myself standing to attention, waiting for permission to put her top on, loving the feeling of being told what to do. After getting dressed, we move downstairs and carry on with work. The day flies by and I find myself eagerly waiting for our next meeting. The day before our next meeting, a parcel arrives for me. She has sent me a full outfit - a stunning black Gucci dress, pink lace thong, black corset and tan lace topped stockings and suspenders. The thought of her watching me whilst I try the outfit on makes my nipples hard and I feel my pussy getting instantly wet. I put it on again on the day of our meeting and show up at her house feeling incredibly aroused. 

This meeting is very different from the last business meeting we had. We discuss anything but business, and after a while I find myself letting my dress ride up so she can get a glimpse of my lingerie. I love her watching me. I want to show her to see how excited I am. She noticed how I’m clumsily trying to flaunt myself so she asks me if I have something to show her. I immediately stand up, unzip my dress and dress and let it fall to the floor. I’m so aroused and feel a gush of pussy juice soak my knickers. She orders me to stand like that for the entire duration of the meeting. My pussy is throbbing with excitement. Each meeting after that I do exactly the same. But I always ask for permission first. On the fifth meeting she orders me to crawl under her desk whilst she is on a conference call and demands that I eat her cunt. I start at her feet, licking her toes and planting gentle kisses up her long lean legs until I get to her thighs. she opens her legs and lick her inner thighs. She hitches her skirt up and I pull her panties to the side, savouring the sweet smell of her pussy. She has a neatly shaven strip of hair and I can see she is already wet. I slowly slide my tongue into her soaking wet pussy and fuck her with my tongue. I then move up and gently flick her swollen clit with my eager tongue. She’s quietly moaning as she starts to push against my tongue and lips, making me suck her clit harder. She finally climaxes all over my chin and tongue. She tastes amazing! On the twelfth meeting, and after asking permission to take off my dress, I was presented with a something that looks like a contract. It states that I am to give up my life as an independent person and to serve her instead and become her property. I have no hesitation in agreeing to being a subservient slut to my mistress. My reward for signing the contract is a collar and lead! 

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