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Mica Martinez

Mica Martinez is an exotic and alternative glamour model who loves nothing more than having flirty & naughty banter with her callers. She loves working out, dancing, yoga, putting on webcam shows and getting new tattoos so lovers of inked hotties won’t be able to resist Mica’s charms. With her natural curves, toned bum & enticing charisma, Mica will be your ultimate Babestation fantasy. For a wild ride, call Mica or check out her Pervcam next time she’s on Babestation!

Fan fiction

As a bisexual woman I’ve always watched Babestation and fantasised about the hot babes appearing on the show. Even though I’ve never had to guts to call, I’ve always enjoyed the variety of shows on offer, including  the naked oil shows, dildo cam shows & hardcore lesbian BSX porn shows. A few years back I was out for a friend’s birthday at a bar and I had just nipped out the back for a cigarette. I spotted an inked brunette in the corner leaning against a brick wall smoking a cigarette and wearing dark sunglasses. We were the only people there so I walked up and made a quippy comment about ‘bad habits’ which was pretty well received. After a bit of banter she took her sunnies off to reveal I was actually talking to Mica Martinez from Babestation. Our eyes locked and I instantly felt the spark between us. She clearly felt it too because she pushed me against the wall and made out with me. As we kissed passionately our hands were all over each other’s bodies. I slid my hand up her top and rubbed her big sexy tits whilst she groped my ass. Sliding my hand down the front of trousers and inside her panties, I felt her smooth wet pussy against my fingers. I slip a finger inside her and she lets out a breathy moan, grinding her pussy harder against my hand. Mica pulls my crop top down to reveal my small but perky 34B boobs & she leans down to sensually lick and suck my nipples. Standing topless in the empty smoking area, Mica gets on her knees, pushes my feet apart and aggressively pulls my knickers to the side before burying her face in my pussy. She begins to suck my clit and I can’t help but fall under her spell. Grabbing Mica’s long hair with both hands, I grind my pussy against her eager tongue until my wet juices are flowing onto her tongue & chin. I cum frantically while Mica grips onto me, my body pulsating. Looking up at me with a wet chin and smelling of my pussy, Mica gently wipes her face with her sleeve & heads back into the bar, leaving me gasping for breath & feeling exhilarated. What a great night! 


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