Age 25
Location From Hertfordshire, just moved to London!

Mia is one of the newest members of the babe team, currently loving her new on-screen life! She’s a petite, 21-year-old 5"1' blonde, with pretty green eyes and a gorgeous smile. Mia may have the 'butter wouldn’t melt' look written all over her face, but her Pervcam viewers and her naughty chat callers know her very differently! The cheeky little minx is no angel, so don’t be fooled guys, it’s always the quiet ones! Considering Mia has not been here long she seems to have made great friends with her callers, they are constantly calling back for more of her one-on-one attention and positively infectious personality! So if Mia hasn’t got you completely addicted already, give her a call, or better still, get to know her dark side on Pervcam. Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what Mia is made of!