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Daisy Dillon

This ex-bailiff and glamour model now bursts through our screens with her bubbly and full of life personality. She takes good care of herself and is an avid gym goer but doesn't take life too seriously - always having a laugh with her callers, making her an instant hit at Babestation! She loves chatting to people from all walks of life and is always happy to explore your fetishes and fantasies, including spanking, feet, smoking, bondage and more! 

Daisy Dillon is the COMPLETE package. She loves music, isn’t afraid to get down and dirty, and has the banter to keep you on your toes. For an extra dose of Daisy check out her HD videos and tune in to her Pervcam and BSX shows. You won’t be disappointed!

Fan fiction:

I was out with the lads for my best mates birthday when we came across a group of the fittest babes we’ve ever seen. They were drinking cocktails and dressed to impress - short skirts showing off long toned legs, high heels that showed sexy painted toes and skimpy tops that cupped their big round tits. The girls invited us to have a drink with them. We leapt at the chance! All the girls were hot but there was one in particular - Daisy Dillon.

Daisy was the ultimate fantasy girl - curvy, 34DD breasts, big round ass, pouting red lips and loved watching lesbian porn. She also revealed that no one had ever made her squirt which sounded like a challenge I was willing to accept. Trying my luck, I asked Daisy if she wanted to meet me in the nightclub toilet. She nods, takes me hand and leads me to the loos. As the door closes behind us she pushes me up against the door and kisses me with plenty of tongue. She pulls up her skirt and removes her top to reveal big grab-able boobs and a beautiful shaved pussy. She’s standing there topless with her knickers round her ankles and I can’t resist slipping my hand over her wet pussy and sliding two fingers in. She lets out a loud moan and thrusts her pussy onto my fingers. As I finger-fuck her, she slides her hand down my jeans and grips my hard cock. Wanting to be inside her, I drop my jeans and she licks her lips when she sees the size of my member. She yells “I’m going to fuck you good and proper” before pushing me onto the loo seat and straddling me. She grabs my cock and slips it into her dripping wet warm cunt. She rides me like a bronco until I tell her I’m about to cum. She tells me to wait as she wants us to orgasm together. I don’t know how much longer I can last. Just as I’m about to explode, Daisy let’s out a loud moan and squirts all over my cock and stomach. The sensation of her pulsating pussy makes me jizz right up her soaking wet fanny. Both of us sweating and panting, I look up at her and say “at least you can tick squirting off your list now.” She tells me I’m cheeky and climbs off me, cum dribbling out of her pussy. I take one last look at her hot naked body before she gets dressed and slips out of the loo to join her friends. When I go back to my friends I tell them all about my XXX hardcore sex adventure. They look at me in amazement before breaking into fits of laughter and shouting “yeah right.” The joke is on them!

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