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Cali Garcia

Babestation's Spanish stunner, Cali Garcia takes her naughty side into Babestation Daytime. Don't be fooled by her good-girl looks, Cali Garcia is a babe who loves to tease, whether it’s in nylon tights, a sexy bikini or a tight dress. If you can't find Cali Garcia working on Pervcam, she could well be at a photo shoot, on BSX, or around a pool in some hot exotic location. Cali Garcia especially loves to work out in the gym and is not shy to a pair of boxing gloves. If Cali could be anyone, she would love to be Lara Croft for the day. Join Cali Garcia on Babestation Daytime Naughty Chat for a cheeky call sometime. She’ll tell you all about her filthiest fantasies, favourite sex positions and deepest secrets. She’s a girl you just can't say no to! Check out her galleries for her nearly nude photos and sexy videos. 

Cali Garcia Babestation Fan Fiction 

I had just booked a cool little airbnb in Spain when a message flashed up from the host. It was Cali Garcia! I had to do a double take because surely I wasn’t this lucky, but upon inspecting the pic, it’s was definitely her! The queen of Babestation Daytime, the legend herself. I didn’t let on I knew who she was and I flew out to Spain, ready to get the keys from my sexy host. Cali was standing outside the apartment building wearing a pair of denim hotpants, some wedge sandals that displayed her sexy feet, and a tight white vest that showed off her perfectly round tits and erect  nipples. She greeted me with a smile and took me in the lift to the fourth floor. Whilst in the lift I noticed just how hot she was, her skin shiny from suntan oil. She unlocked the door to the apartment and showed me around. She then mentioned how hot it was inside the apartment and asked if I minded if she took a shower as she was very sweaty. I shook my head. She then stripped off in front of me and stood there topless for a moment. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I felt like I was in a porn film! 

She shuffled out of her denim shorts, revealing a tiny thong underneath. She then slipped them down over her pert little ass until she was standing there completely naked. Her boobs looked amazing and her pussy was completely shaven. She then walked into the bathroom and I followed like I was a dutiful slave. She looked like a goddess as the water fell over her perfect nude curves. She then gets out and asks me to fetch her a towel. It felt like she was my mistress and I was a pathetic boy doing everything she said. I obliged and she went over to her handbag and got out a pair of fishnet stockings and a floral mini dress. She slipped them on and told me she felt much fresher after a warm shower. She then gives me the WiFi code for the apartment and tells me she hopes I enjoy my stay. She’ll be getting a 5-star rating from me! 

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