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Atlanta Moreno

Half Colombian Atlanta Moreno is the sultry Latina temptress who never sleeps? This babe will keep you up all night, in more ways that one with her exotic beauty & flexible positions, that wouldn’t look out of place oh a gymnast. For a model with bags of energy, a filthy mouth & a cheeky personality Atlanta Moreno is the babe you need!

Babeshows Debut: Feb 2017

Fan Fiction

Partying in town with my mates, I spy a fit group of girls on the dance floor. They look like a bunch of porn stars which just so happens to be my ideal type of girl. One of them was blonde with huge tits, a big ass & over inflated lips, the other - a sexy mixed race babe with toned abs and long legs while the one I had my eye on was a Latina babe with long black hair and fake tits. My mates & I head over and start dancing next to them. The girls seem like they’re out for a wild night & the blonde stays grinding & twerking on my mate. I edge closer to the fit brunette & find out her name is Atlanta! She dances like a stripper & I’m getting super turned on just watching her. She drapes herself over me in a tipsy fashion & asks if my mates & I want to go back to her place for an afterparty. Back at Atlanta’s the drinks are flowing & the girls are getting frisky, touching each other’s tits and asking if we like it. My mates & I can’t believe our luck, as we’re watching three of the hottest girls grope each other’s boobs and kiss each other like a hot lesbian porno. Sadly the hot mixed race bird says she’s got an Uber waiting so she dips out, leaving Atlanta & the fit blonde, called Stacy, making out on the couch. Atlanta then slowly begins to undress Stacy, giving us all an eyeful of her big tits and pink erect nipples. Atlanta sucks Stacy’s tits & orders us all to pull out our cocks & stroke ourselves. The boys & I exchange glances but it weirdly it doesn’t feel awkward to pull out our dicks & start wanking side-by-side. Atlanta then lays Stacy down on the carpet whilst we’re all sat on the couch, stroking ourselves. Atlanta then in turn invites each one of us over to taste Stacy’s pussy. I can’t believe what’s happening! Atlanta is holding Stacy’s pussy open whilst we all take it in turns to tongue-fuck her sweet tasting pussy. “Go on, eat her out, suck her clit”, demands Atlanta. She then pulls out a double ended dildo and slides one end in Stacy’s pussy, and the other in her ass. As I’m watching Atlanta perform anal with a dildo ok Stacy, I find myself on the verge of cumming. Atlanta must have clocked me as she moans “not yet”, “bring me your cock”. She proceeds to give me a deep a messy blowjob while still fucking Stacy with the dildo. Atlanta wanks my shaft while sucking me off & I end up shooting my load all over her face. “Who’s next?”, she says, as I slump down the sofa next to my mates!

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