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  • Wed 31st Jul11:30am - 7:30pm
Alexa Brooke Babestation wearing black lingerie and stockings with blonde hair
Babestation blonde Alexa Brooke wearing just white knickers with back to camera on a chair
Alexa Brooke kneeling on a red rug in the Babestation kitchen wearing black lingerie, stockings and heels
Brunette Babestation babe Alexa Brooke wearing see through black lingerie and squeezing her boobs

Alexa Brooke

Alexa Brooke is your sexy girl-next-door who is always up for fun. Alexa is always up to no good especially when she is on a night out with her friends. Her secrets are enough to entertain you for days so make sure you give her a call check out her caps and vids. She’ll happily tell you about her wild nights out with her sexy girlfriends! Alexa Brooke has a toned, slender body, bouncy assets and a peachy bum that she loves to flaunt in tight clothes. She has beautiful brown eyes that captivate her viewers and is always happy to try new things for her callers, whether it be bondage, foot worship, spanking, deepthroat, dildo action and more!

Fan fiction 

Before Alexa was a legendary live babeshows girl she was working at Topshop as the changing room girl, and I was lucky enough to hand over my jeans one day. 

I always popped into Topshop on a Saturday to marvel at the hotties that worked there. They had the fittest birds on the high street and Alexa was the hottest by far. On this particular day Alexa Brooke was working the changing room, and she looked absolutely spectacular in skin tight, high-waisted jeans that showed off her curvy ass and a lacy white vest that revealed her ample & tanned cleavage. I’ve never been interested in feet before now but Alexa had on a dainty pair of heels that highlighted her french-manicured toes and it really caught my attention. 

I took my items to Alexa and she counted them in a disinterested fashion. Before she waved me through to an empty cubicle, she glanced up and looked pleasantly surprised, giving me a cheeky wink as I passed her. 

As I was getting undressed I couldn’t stop thinking about that wink so I popped my head around the curtain and told Alexa I needed some assistance, “sure thing”, she chirped back. When Alexa peeped round the curtain her eyes glanced down at my boxers where she clocked my semi hard cock. She bit her bottom lip in anticipation and looked very pleased yet unsurprised that she had such an effect on me. This clearly wasn’t her first rodeo!

She slipped into my cubicle and closed the curtain behind her, and immediately dropped to her knees and gripped my cock with both hands. My dick was now rock solid and I let out a load groan. Alexa told me to keep quiet and she reached up and covered my mouth with her hand while she proceeded to suck my throbbing cock while wanking it at the same time. After a few minutes of deepthroating my member, Alexa Brooke stood up and started stripping, unbuttoning her jeans, slipping them down over her big toned bum to reveal a sexy pair of black see-through knickers. I couldn’t control myself and I slipped my hand down the front of her panties and rubbed her pussy which was already soaking wet. As I dropped to my knees to eat her shaven pussy, Alexa pulled off her top to reveal the most perfect tits I had ever seen. Now topless, Alexa started playing with her hard nipples whilst I tongue-fucked her spread pussy. She ordered me how to eat her out and I gladly obeyed her every command. She was my teacher and I was her student! 

Both naked and sweating, Alexa told me to fuck her hard. I bound her hands together with my belt, bent her over and slid my penis into tight wet hole. The friction from her dripping wet fanny was out of this world and I knew I was about to cum, so I pulled out and came all over her epic round booty. She smiled before getting dressed and tiptoeing out of the cubicle. This experience was better than any porn movie and Alexa Brooke’s perfect nude body and shaved pussy will live on in my wank bank forevermore!

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