Charlie C November 2017's Babe of the Month

Each month we’ll be featuring a different one of our gorgeous girls on Babestation Daytime, with a few questions to help you get to know then!

Charlie C

Where are you from?

East London

How long have you been at babestation?

I have been at Babestation longer than any other babe. 10 years and still going strong!

If your friends could describe you, what would they say?

I think they'd say that I was loud and loved showing off (which is true lol)

What's your favourite thing about being a Babestation babe?

There's so many things I like about being at Babestation, but I'd have to say it's my callers.

If you had to pick a favourite, who would your favourite Babestation babe be and why?

This is a tough question lol, we all get on so well but I'd have to say Vicky Narni. She's my partner in crime and always makes me laugh.