Aemelia Fox July 2017's Babe of the Month

Each month we’ll be featuring a different one of our gorgeous girls on Babestation Daytime, with a few questions to help you get to know then!

Aemelia Fox

How old are you?

I've just turned 24

Where are you from?


How long have you been at babestation?

I have been at Babestation since March and I love it!

If your friends could describe you, what would they say?

I think my friends would describe me as a cheeky skallywag who's always up for some fun!

What's your favourite thing about being a Babestation babe?

My favorite thing about being a Babestation babe is being able to get to know all of the lovely guys and girls I talk to on the phone! I've had some hilarious phone calls which I will never forget! I also love being able to show off my curves and being very naughty on camera to my watchers too!

If you had to pick a favourite, who would your favourite Babestation babe be and why?

There's too many hot Babestation babes to pick! They're all so delicious! Jess Lloyd is especially tasty though!